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Regular game(not beta) crashing

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2007 2:12 am
by Silverbot
It happens in instances where im in a game and i press escape and go to Chat and suddenly the game crashes so if i want to go in Chat i have to stop playing on a server.

1400x900 resolution and everything is maxed out seems to run smooth
P4 HT 2.8ghz
ati radeon x300 video 128mb vram
emu 1820m audio
1.5gb system ram
2.5gb pagefile and windows install on 40gb drive
game installed on 120gb drive

Besides this issue, i dont think the game crashes. Ill try to avoid it for now, id would be appreciative if I found out from soneone on this forum that its not an actual bug and I may be having a computer issue


Re: Regular game(not beta) crashing

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 12:02 pm
by Omroth
Hi Silverbot.

This is a known issue behind some kinds of ISPs, we're working on it atm and apologise for the crash.