Constant Freezes in Windowed Mode

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Constant Freezes in Windowed Mode

Post by vegeta897 » Thu Sep 29, 2011 8:56 am

Hello. I've had this game since May, and starting in July I've had constant temporary freezes while in windowed mode. I stopped playing the game because I was unable to resolve this issue. Redownloading, verifying game cache, tweaking other settings.

I come back several months later (now) to find that the same issue is still present. Have there even been any updates?

To give a bit more detail: during turn playback (or turn prediction playback), the game always just locks up at a certain point during the playback. I have to wait about 30 seconds and then the game resumes, with the playback ended. The freeze seems to happen at the same specific point in the playback every time. I haven't noticed any freezes at any other time in the game. Again, this only happens in windowed mode.

I have seen other threads describing this exact issue with no working solutions. (for example: ... p=24906474 )

Thanks for your replies.
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