Campaign: Stuck on last devastator level

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Campaign: Stuck on last devastator level

Post by Catchcart » Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:51 am

I had been making decent progress through the campaign until I hit "Facility Takedown", or the last level of the Devastator chapter. And got stuck. Any help getting through this is thoroughly appreciated as I'm sick to death of the mission.

Here's the setup: There's no randomness to the units I'm given - it's always a devastator and a conventional rocket launcher. I'm defending a little central green area against shotgun guys, around 6 or 7 of them, coming at me from all angles. Technically I have ten rounds but the opposing team will find it's way to the green area in usually no more than three rounds. The way I see it, the difficulty is in predicting exactly where the opponents will be where. If I had guns I could simply cover angles of approach. Here I have to nail when as well as where. The AI clearly just goes for the centre but there's enough of a (seemingly) random hesitation to make it impossible to know. I tend to get about half right. Then I get shotgunned in the face.

I have tried moving my guys out of the central area but the red guys just hone in on the centre, first guy reaching it on turn 2 or 3. I can then fire back at the central area from relative safety but I will then blow the central 'house' up on the second turn leaving nothing to fire at on the third and fourth turn.

Am I missing a trick? Or is this really just what it seems - an annoying adventure in randomness and restarting?
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