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Slaev's Map Pack

Post by Slaev » Thu Feb 18, 2016 4:51 am

Hi All,

I've had lots of fun building custom maps over the years and thought I would finally package them up and release them to the community. Hope you try them out! Feel free to challenge me to any of them. =)

Download the full map pack here: ... hizfa?dl=1

There are three categories of maps:
  • Competitive: These maps are fairly standard with close quarters and many attack vectors.
  • Team Builder: These maps allow you to custom build your team each time you play. Whenever you move your Unit #1 out, your Unit #2 dies (same for 3&4, 5&6, 7&8). This means that you won't know what type of opponent you are facing each play-through.
  • Just for Fun: These maps all feature crazy things I just wanted to try.


Competitive: Flowbie
A sort-of remake of Lyx's "Flow" as the download link no longer worked -- but I really liked the concept...

Competitive: Lockdown
Three primary conflict routes with lots of corners and narrow passages...

Competitive: Confrontation
Poke a hole and get busy...

Competitive: Checkmate
Maximizing the unpredictability...

Competitive: Pegasys
This map contains a few detonation spots to change the landscape. The first two are beside the home bases (which detonate the north-west and south-east zones). The central detonators remove the inside walls enabling base-to-base combat.

Team Builder

Team Builder: Outreach
Dynamic units, multiple paths, and half-wall wrappings. Probably my favourite map.

Team Builder: Strain
Extremely tense combat as each entry path contains limited cover...

Team Builder: Convection
Shotgun paradise with rewarding machine gun sight-lines...

Team Builder: Double Crossed
I wanted to try a map that forced an initial confrontation on the way to victory...

Team Builder: Impact
Do you brave the guantlet? or chew through the walls?

Just for Fun

Just for Fun: Tic Tac Toe
Now there is a game within the game...

Just for Fun: Detonator
Every half-wall spawns a small explosion that removes the full-wall in front of it. Also features fixed sniper-turrets...

Just for Fun: Block Party
Just a slaughter fest...

Just for Fun: Breach
Build your own map walls in real time... (10-15 rounds recommended)

Just for Fun: Decisions
Which way do you run? Which way do you think they will run? This map always makes me laugh...

Just for Fun: Plinko
This is a very tough map to play; more fun to look at then to try to win.
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