[Suggestion] Alternative "Wait" mode

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Re: [Suggestion] Alternative "Wait" mode

Post by Gnarf » Thu Apr 29, 2010 11:24 am

Lu-Tze wrote:I think the only thing that would allow it to work would be if the timeline only shortened as far as the last instruction on it, cutting off any excess "wait" time, rather than disturbing the timing of any orders along the way.
This is along the lines of what I thought you meant initially. When the unit gets to the wait command (i.e. when he has arrived at the waypoint of that command), he might not wait for that long (or at all) if he got distracted earlier. All the stuff he was doing before getting to the wait command wouldn't be affected.

And so I didn't really understand why it would allow for engaging for a set amount of time and then breaking off. Unless Omroth meant the thing where you engage just before the turn ends and break off as the next one starts. Which can already be done (but would sometimes be a little easier to pull off if things were changed like that).

Haven't made up my mind on it either way though.
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Re: [Suggestion] Alternative "Wait" mode

Post by Lu-Tze » Thu Apr 29, 2010 5:17 pm

To be honest, when I first mentioned it I was really only using the time thing to wait, I didn't put any actions on it. I'd just put lots of waypoints on the same spot because I found it easier to work out what order things would happen in. Now I use the timeline more for putting actions on i'm aware of the problems that having it shorten whilst not on that waypoint/engaged on the current waypoint would have.
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