Reasons for slow/unfinished games

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Reasons for slow/unfinished games

Post by Lyx » Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:06 pm

Recently, i've seen a lot of arguments that there are people who stop playing matches if they are losing. I have no direct information which supports such claims. Asking other people also doesnt turn up any high-probability evidence. I think that this problem doesn't actually exist - or at least only to a much smaller degree.

Instead, my info suggests that the slow/unfinished matches issue is a perfect storm of multiple sources - all of them having nothing to do with cowardice:

1. The devs with the trafficlight-system are dreaming a fairytale dream. What they are trying to accomplish is mathematically impossible. Each player on the server has his individual "capacity" regarding how many games he can play how fast and how frequently. That capacity won't change just because some UI-widget tells them so. It can however very well happen, that same ui-widget makes them overestimate their capacity. The mentioned capacity per player can vary a lot. There are players who are playing almost 24/7, players who only play a match every few days, and players in between this quite big range. The distribution of these capacities however isn't optimal. It can happen that the 24/7er's thirst for new games just cannot be satisfied properly by the rest of the players. And this distribution changes constantly as players log in and log off. To get to the point: It is impossible to ensure that every player always can play as much as he wants. It just cannot work. Forget it. Of course it is desirable that the available ressources are used as efficiently as possible - but neither the current system, nor the planned one achieve that. Instead, they just motivates low-capacity players to allocate more active games than they can handle.

2. Lack of communication. Most of the "delayed" matches can actually be completed, and often are. It may happen that a person needs to go off to get some sleep, and has a busy day tomorrow, so that he can only make the next move in 2 days. The other player however isn't informed about this at all, because there is - besides of unobvious comments - no way to communicate. As a result, we have a lot of players "hanging in the air" - not knowing why the opponent left, and if/when he's coming back.

3. Lots of newbies just trying out the game. Quite a few of them perhaps dont find the game that interesting currently for various reasons. These may easily start a few games, get bullied to accept more and more games, but after the 2. or 3. game decide that they're not interested to play synapse for now - et voila: unfinished games.

4. For someone who isn't aware of the "players"-button and how it works, it looks as if his active games are GONE after 2 days. So, someone starts a game, and it takes longer than 2 days, and after 2 days he cannot find the game anymore, and thus just ignores it -> unfinished game. As a result, slow games which could actually complete, just dont complete because the players cannot see it anymore.
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