Suggestion for 'timed' games

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Suggestion for 'timed' games

Post by Takashima » Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:45 am

Hi there,

Having played the game since its release, I find the multiplayer missing an element, that being a timer to limit playtime for MP missions. All too often, matches are drawn out over days, and this is ok by all means if you don't mind it. This is a suggestion for those who want to have a quick concentrated skirmish and finish it on the same day within the space of minutes.

Frozen Synapse feels like a game of chess in some instances, especially when playing 'dark'. With that in mind, I want to propose an inclusion of a timer option in the game. Say for example you enter a match with somebody. You can set the time limit for the whole match to be 5 or 10 minutes. It can be for however how long you want it to go for but for the purpose of this example we'll use these times. So 5-10 mins is all you have, a quick match for each of you to play and fight each other. The player who; dominates, kills the others soldiers or rescues the hostages in under the time wins. Also the one who has killed the most of the other players soldiers but the timer has run out is also the winner. The player who logs off the match or server is, by default, the loser of the match as they are locked into the game unless they choose to forfeit. I call this type of timer: "Match to the Death"

Then there could be a second variation of the timer game, say you both choose 10 minutes for the total time of the match but this time you can play this out over a few days. The timer is paused every time you prime your turn in the match, but the seconds chew up the total time of the match when each of you are deciding on your move, forcing each player to think faster. If for this type of game, in this instance, one player leaves the match or logs off, the timer isnt used by their end anymore. So when the other person who's still online is figuring out their strategy, they are using up the total time of the match still until they prime their move. And when they prime, the timer pauses for the moment until they have to move again or when they both log off for a later stage. You basically rely on the other person to not misuse the time for the total match for both of you if one is offline. Also tho player who uses less time and wins gets bonus points. It's a bit like the chess matches where the clock button is depressed when the player completes their turn, that is how their time will be calculated for the bonus points if they win. The same rules for winning the game from the previous suggestion apply for this match type aswell. I call this timer: "Hurry the F*** up!"

Then there's a third variation. This one is a timer that is set to how long you alone make a decision per move. Say you have a game where your own personal time from the start of a move to when you prime that move is only two minutes, for example. The other person has the same amount of time too. So you could play 10 moves but each time you decide over the strategy of your soldiers to when you prime that move, you will always have 2 minutes and no more. If by that time you or the other player runs out of time to prime their move, then the move is primed automatically, regardless of whether you have any movement laid out for your soldiers or not. Even if you have no movements plotted out, you will be forced to play that move without your soldiers moving, all the while your soldiers are at the mercy of the other players soldiers (if, of course, they've plotted out their own soldiers movements). Again, the same rules for winning a timed game in the first suggestion apply to this game type aswell. I call this timer type: "Russian Roulette"

The length of all the games and how they pan out will naturally be determined by the person who creates the game with the other player and can be set for however many minutes they like. All in all, I believe adding an optional timed game functionality to all MP game modes will force players to think faster and more acutely, as well as giving players who just want a quick concentrated match, and end it within a specific time frame, the option to do as such. It'll also force some players to not spread their attention over endless multiple games while other people who are playing against them have to wait for them to finish up on them having to make a move in their game. This I believe is a critical fault in Frozen Synapse MP mode, attention on an exclusive single match between two players isn't encouraged strongly enough.

Flexibility in play options is the key here. Hence the reason for my suggestion for an addition to timed play mode options in MP
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Re: Suggestion for 'timed' games

Post by Scorpion0x17 » Sat Feb 04, 2012 7:06 pm

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