My strategy in 22 replays

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My strategy in 22 replays

Post by Shaws » Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:19 pm

I’ve long wondered whether or not to make this thread, as discovering these strategies were a lot of the fun for me. More so than the strategy and the winning itself. And the rankings I found nothing but frustrating, as I won games and still lost ranking. But suddenly I found myself remembering FS and thinking why the heck not, so here goes!

First, I don’t in any way at all fashion myself the best FS player, and probably not even top100 these days. But I did go completely overboard with FS for a while. Learning the gameplay, and how to exploit the mechanics of the game. This thread is about the strategies I found, and what made me win quite a few games. What eventually made me quit, was that I had discovered what I think are (or at least was a year ago, when I played) the most important strategies/exploits. And then, when I met equally skilled players with the same gameplay-exploits, I thought the game resembled a coinflip more than strategy, and so I didn’t find it fun anymore.

Now, to show my way of thinking I’ll walk you through some of my replays. Mine, not others, because I’m lazy and don’t bother watching others (except those who defeated me - but I’ve long forgotten about them). Not mine because I think mine are superior to everyone elses. You’ll also see that quite few of these games are agains rookies and more inexperienced players. This isn’t to show off my most proud victories, but my strategy. You’ll probably also find me a bit of a coward, and boring at times, and that’s okay. I am, or was until I quit. The game mechanics is you move forward without a plan = you lose. You stay still and your opponent moves forward without a plan = you win. Finally, I played pretty much exclusively random dark extermination games, and played all games no matter what hand I were dealt.

There’s little or no coherence in this “guide”. I’m just, as I said, walking you through my replays, showing you my way of thinking. My most advanced strategy, though, is hidden in layers in layers of fire orders, and not easily described. So if you consider yourself an advanced player, you’ll probably be disappointed. This is the thread I wanted to read when I started playing the game.

All these are from the UK1 server.
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Re: My strategy in 22 replays

Post by Shaws » Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:19 pm

Game 1 (ID 277295)
- Note my use of rockets to take away cover and make unexpected paths for my guys.
- Note my mg #4 at the end of round 1. At round 2 he ignores everything, steps foward 2 steps and then kills the rocketeer. My opponent didn’t factor this into his plan.

Game 2 (ID 278812) (Play with fire-order)
- Grenadeers should (as a general rule) be as far in front of the map as possible, making your opponent not have a clue where the grenade will hit him. (PS! Make sure the grenade explode the same round its fired, or he can avoid it easily).
- In round 4: If you are 2 mg’s against 1, this is how to defeat your opponent. Put your first mg on no-fire, send him in, then send in your second while your first runs away. The enemy will fire at your first mg, and your killer mg is safe. This has won me countless games.
- Find the soldier your enemy least thinks you’ll attack, and attack him if possible. That’s my round #3.

Game 3 (ID 280834)
This shows how to really exploit the gameplay mechanics, taking out his sg #2 in round 1.

Game 4 (ID 280880)
This again show how I use the rocket to take away cover

Game 5 (ID 281070)
If you face someone really good, and get one of his guys - Don’t move, and you win (And make use of the ignore function, more on that later).

Game 6 (ID 281651)
This shows my boring, meticulous, careful style designed not to lose my guys. My mg got fireorders only on his mg. The game rewards you for playing it safe, being aggressive only when you think you’re outthinking your opponent.

Game 7 (ID 286661)
- I had no good way of attacking him, the game mechanics would have left me dead. Luckily, he attacked me.

Game 8 (ID 310199)
With 2 walls, rockets are your worst enemy.

Game 9 (ID 310492)
This is why grenades must explode in the same round they are fired!

Game 10 (ID 315463)
My mg #4 freezes his #1 and #2 until the rockets kills them. Had he known I would use that tactic, he could easily have circumvented it with a quick ignore for a few steps. Had I known that he knew I would use that tactic, I would have altered the plan. At high levels, this is why I feel the game becomes a coinflip as much as strategy.

Game 11 (ID 315751)
Aggressive with some units, covering with others. This is that high level where the coin flips in my favour.
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Re: My strategy in 22 replays

Post by Shaws » Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:20 pm

Game 12 (ID 325391)
Predicting his grenade exactly, and doing the unexpected, wins me this game in round 1. I also manage to guess where he puts his rockets until he fails to guess where I put mine. Then there is just waiting him out. If he attacks, he loses. If I attack, it’s a full on 50/50 gamble.

Game 13 (ID 340432)
This shows one of my most favourite and probably most powerful moves, using rockets to allow grenades new unexpected paths. I spent quite a lot of time trying to figure out what my opponent might do and how that would impact me.

Game 14 (ID 346790)
Round 2 wins me the game. The rocket got so many uses.

Game 15 (ID 346854)
Round 4 will win you games, unless you learned the lesson already. Rockets also destroys walls that are 99.9% gone.

Game 16 (ID 347174)
Not my best game, but if you watch round 3 and 4 carefully, you’ll see the core of my strategy. What by far won me the most games. I use one unit to draw fire, knowing that enemy mg’ers will fire on it. I then move another mg behind the unit drawing the fire, which allows it to fire at the enemy mg’ers safely. While this happens, i move the unit drawing fire away, making sure it survives. Often this unit is a mg’er with an order to ignore everything.
- Often I move to units onto low crates, with the first unit drawing the fire. I have it ignoring everything, waiting a second (or whatever), then ducking. It survives, while the second units get a free-for-all opportunity to kill off units.

Game 17 (ID 347675)
This is a good example on how to mess up your opponents orders.

Game 18 (ID 347957)
This is how I play rocket-games. Take out the low crates. Worked more often than not.

Game 19 (ID 349496)
This is the weird game that ensues when I face someone using the same rocket-strategy as me. The reason I win, is that each of my mg’ers focuses exclusively on one of his mg’ers, ignoring everything else.

Game 20 (ID 351998)
- Round 2 shows off one of my most favourite strategies, which you ought to have seen several times by now. Using the gameplay to “freeze” opponents, using their fire orders against them. His mg’er tries to gun down my rocket #3, and thus never moves away from the rocket.

Game 21 (ID 352309)
- In round 1, I use my grenade #3 to freeze his mg #1 until the grenade exploes.
In round 3, his mg #2 would have killed my mg #2, so I assumed he’d leave it firing. That means I can freeze him until the grenade exploes. I got the movement down to the pixel, so that even if he had a 0.000001sec delay until he started moving, he’d stay frozen until the grenade exploded.

Game 22 (ID 355067)
Round 2 shows the importance of scouting.
Round 3 and 5 shows how to deal with stationary targets.
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Re: My strategy in 22 replays

Post by eyci » Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:31 am

Thanks for the writeup Shaws, I like watching other people's games especially with commentary, so I enjoyed the games you put up. Although I agree that luck factor goes up at the higher skill levels, I felt while watching that some moves were particularly inspired (turn 1 in Games 1 and 12 for example) and it's a pleasure to watch for that reason.

For me personally, granted I haven't played that many games in total, but I still feel like there's something new to try with every new map, and so the gameplay remains pretty fresh for me.

Some other comments on the points you bring up:

- I believe the 'move and shoot' mutator now makes 'freezing' tactics ineffective in many cases e.g. when a SG is chasing an MG around the corner, he will no longer stop to fire. I think this is good for gameplay because it is inconvenient to deal with otherwise. For example without the mutator I have to use many different zones to make sure my SG will not 'stutter' at the corner.

- You may know this already but for the benefit of others: when cycling duck/stand with an MG, in order for the MG to not accumulate firing penalties over multiple cycles, there cannot be more than 1 duck/stand cycle per second. This is because each has a 0.5 s penalty.

- You are right in that a lot of the higher level tactics involve distractions with multiple units involved, and play can become quite one-dimensional at extermination games. One of the reasons I like Disputed is that in order to use distraction tactics against your opponent, you have to move at least two of your units together, and in doing so you give up map coverage compared to an opponent who spreads his units out. This puts you at a disadvantage when the boxes appear. In addition, there are scenarios where a single stationary MG can hold a flank against a pair of distracting MGs (for example if the single MG has cover and the range is short enough - distraction can never win against that). This trade-off between map coverage and distraction potential makes the game quite interesting for me.

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Re: My strategy in 22 replays

Post by BigBobr99 » Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:02 pm

Thank you for such a post. You've put a lot of work into it, amazing!

I'll enjoy watching these games, there's great pleasure watching top players, plus you always can learn a new trick. In battles of top players luck has a factor, I agree, but I still think small things decide these encounters, just like in football.
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Re: My strategy in 22 replays

Post by Maetco » Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:28 am

Thanks for your input and especially the comments. I don't 100 % concur with a claim that FS would become a game of chance even in high tier matches. FS always has a luck factor because there is always something unknow for the players but a better player will win in the long run. You might have to play best out of 3, 5, 7, etc. but eventually everyone runs out of luck and skill becomes the #1 factor. But thanks again and if you're interested in getting back on the horse there is a Rock Paper Shotgun tournament/league/something every month. Season 16 is on-going right now and sign-ups for season 17 will start around the last week of January.

A link to season 16 forum page: ... -Season-16
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