Display is off-center and unplayable on a laptop docked

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Display is off-center and unplayable on a laptop docked

Postby jeli2657 » Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:58 pm

I have a surface pro 3 in a dock, connected to a second monitor. Windows runs in "Extend these displays" mode, with the external monitor becoming the "main display." Windows 8.1 is installed.

When I play Frozen Synapse while docked, the game display is off-center. It appears as if the game thinks it has more real estate to to work with, but my monitor has physically run out of room.

This only happens on full-screen. It happens at any resolution. Windowed play works fine. I have attached a screenshot that shows the issue. As you can see, the buttons in the bottom-left corner are missing, and the main menu structure is too far to the right and down.

Any ideas what could fix this issue?
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