Is the iPad port technically similar to the iPad port?

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Is the iPad port technically similar to the iPad port?

Postby Cykelero » Sat Jan 10, 2015 2:02 pm

I've been playing Frozen Synapse on iPad, and thoroughly enjoying the experience, but there's always been the thing of restoration. Whenever you put the game in the background, to reply to a friend or check something online or something else, you run the risk of the app being purged out of memory, and when you reopen it you've lost any game plan that you may have started making.

It's been annoying on iPad, but sure, you learn not to suspend the game until you're done, and unless it crashes out of the blue you don't lose anything. On the iPhone, though, you don't get the choice; you get calls, you exit of the subway and look up directions, etc. If you play Frozen Synapse on your phone instead of on your computer or tablet, it's because you're on the go, and if you're on the go you're not going to be able to cater to the app's thirst for foregroundness.

Hence my question: have you guys made any progress on the technical side, such as diminished memory usage, or even proper restoration support, that would alleviate the precariousness of playing the iOS port on a phone? FS in my pocket sounds downright awesome, but I can't see it working with capriciousness I've seen in the iPad port.

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