Keyboard shortcut problem in linux version

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Keyboard shortcut problem in linux version

Post by Darggori » Sat Oct 15, 2011 6:08 pm

I have installed the game succesfully for my Archlinux and its working after some sound tweaking. There is however a problem with the shortcut to clear 10 orders which is assigned to " = " button and on my keyboard which is FIN/SWE, it requires SHIFT to produce, therefor not working. I expect it to be same problem for many non-us keyboards. Now the console button is also not working but there is way to change it given in
Toni 2011-10-03 14:33:10 EDT
Got a tip to write
GlobalActionMap.bind(keyboard, "backspace", toggleConsole);
to main.cs

I just replaced "backspace" with "pause" and now the pause button opens

Keys ` and ^ are behind shift so can't use them. (next to enter)

§ is above tab and it does work in wine FS but not in linux version.
It works to change the key. Now I just need to know what is the correct line to change " = " key to something usable.
Also I know how to change keyboard layout to us but that would then make using the ingame irc client awkward and I would prefer to not do that.
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