Framerate- drops and mouse skipping

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Framerate- drops and mouse skipping

Post by Inskipp » Sun Jul 15, 2012 2:14 am


I recently bought the Red- expansion, and broke my hiatus with the game. However, I've noticed a performance drop from last time since I played. Previously when I played, the game performed very smoothly, constant 60fps full screen on my native resolution (1920x1200). However, when I recently logged in, I noticed my mouse would be skipping/lagging a lot and my FPS would actually drop whenever I move the mouse around. My FPS only stabilized around 60fps whenever I stopped moving it. These problems persist both in the menus and in-game.

I have tried to reduce my resolution size, and it didn't fix it, nor improve the situation. I also tried to disable the in-game/menu backgrounds, and that didn't help either.

My computer is decent (listed the specs below), should be more than capable of running it with ease, and all of my other games have been performing without any problems. What has suddenly caused it to perform sluggishly with this game in particular?

Intel Dual-core 3,00ghz
AMD HD 6800
8gb RAM
Win 7 64-bit
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Re: Framerate- drops and mouse skipping

Post by Scorpion0x17 » Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:49 pm

If you're running Windows7 and you've had Frozen Synapse installed but just not run it for some time, it could be Windows' fault.

Not really sure what it does, and I'd never noticed it on older Windows versions, but with Windows7 I have found that stuff I've not used for a while will perform really badly when I first start using it again.

This goes away in time, so just keep on trying for a while, but, if it persists, then I'd suggest trying a re-install.

As far as I know, Red doesn't change anything that would cause such a degrade in performance.
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