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Tournament Set up

Post by Goomba » Fri May 06, 2011 3:17 am

I think if FS will have tournaments we need to have Balanced Maps, and 5v5 Balanced teams, Maybe even a way for players to set up their team, Here is an Idea:

Your Team must have 5 Units,
0-5 Machine Gun
0-1 Sniper
0-2 Shotgun
0-1 Grenade
0-1 Rockets

So The Tournament will be announce and how it will work (Round-Robin, Bracket, Swiss ect...) and then what the map per round is, and a download link for the map, and each player sends to a admin what their team is, such as 3 MG 1 SN 1 SG, or 2MG 1 SN 1RK 1Gr, ect....
once the Registration is over all participating players AND their Set up is posted on a forum and their Opponent.

I don't know but to me this Tournament set up is interesting Maybe need some tweaking tell me what you think
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