[Android] UI to small on smartphones

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[Android] UI to small on smartphones

Post by daniel_s » Sat Nov 08, 2014 8:21 am

I bought Frozen Synapse from Humble Bundle and it is running nicely on my Motorola Droid 4 (4", 540x960px).

Unfortunately the game is unplayable since text is unreadable! I am aware that my phone has a rather small screen with a low resolution. Yet, I still want to report this as a bug because I think that the UI could be adjusted easily to work on phones like mine.

Generally, there is a lot of unused space everywhere! The spacing between icons is big enough to allow for bigger labels. Worst are the text boxes! They are big enough, but the text inside is so small that are to 80% empty!
If there was an option to adjust the font size, I am sure this game would be playable (and enjoyable!) on many smartphones!
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Re: [Android] UI to small on smartphones

Post by Rogue » Thu Jan 22, 2015 9:34 pm

I wish to concur with Daniel here. Just bought the game and running it on my LG gpad 8.3" tablet, and even on that size the UI really detracts from the experience.
The UI doesn't utilize the available real estate, whether it's the main menu or
the in-game buttons and as a consequence the text size is too small (especially with the white-on-light-blue) and the buttons aren't as large and distinguishable as they could be. This is also apparent with the icons next to the team members which stay tiny even when the screen is zoomed in.

I've read the articles and know the devs have spend a good deal of time (re)writing the UI for the tablet edition but unfortunately, IMHO it's still not there.

My suggestions would be:
1. Allow the user to scale the UI elements and text size in the menu.
2. Redesign the in-game buttons in a more... idiomatic way for touch screens, using gestures and such (for example the buttons along one side of the screen could be made much bigger but would only show when you swipe from that edge etc.)

I hope you guys still listen.
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