Dark Hostage Escape Zone Change - Units do not escape

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Dark Hostage Escape Zone Change - Units do not escape

Postby Abyssal_Knight » Wed Oct 05, 2011 3:17 pm

Ok, so I was challenged directly for a game of dark hostage. After turn one I click one of my hostages to plan their escape and get the slashed 'escape lines' pointing to two sides of the map (the two sides which are green, obviously). So when the time comes I plan my hostages escape and prime the turn - no warning that hostages must end in green zone, turn primes as normal. Next turn runs as planned. On the next turn (where the hostages will escape) I find that the escape zone they are heading to is no longer an escape zone, but now only the unit spawn zone for the start of game - slashed 'escape lines' pointing to that side of the map have disappeared - and of course when the turn ends my hostages simply stand in the green zone and do not disappear. Now the game is stuck and I've no choice but to keep priming my side until turn 8 or my hostages are found and killed by my opponent. Don't really care about the loss, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

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