jumped 10 turns ahead, then loaded wrong map area

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jumped 10 turns ahead, then loaded wrong map area

Postby Beckett » Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:11 am

This might be two separate bugs or they might be related (since I encountered both problems one right after the other).

I was on Turn #1 of mission #39 in the single player campaign (the last mission in my unlock list at the time was "Brightling Conclusion: Disrupt the Shape"). I gave my orders, clicked the "Prime" button and walked away from the computer. I returned to the computer no more than 30 seconds later and to my surprise the mission was now on Turn #11. It looked like both my men and the enemy had pretty much just stood around during those 10 turns.

So I restarted the mission. But suddenly the map looked different, and I don’t just mean randomized; I recognized the map from earlier in the campaign (it had a very distinctive looking trigger and target zone that didn’t apply to the objectives in this mission). Also the mix of friendly, enemy, and ally units was suddenly all different. And, when it got to the last step of the introduction dialogue, it zoomed in on the map, except it zoomed into an empty area above and to the left of the actual map features (probably because the map it was showing me was smaller than the map it should have been showing).

I restarted the mission and things are back to normal now.
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Re: jumped 10 turns ahead, then loaded wrong map area

Postby Scorpion0x17 » Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:47 pm

Did you purchase the game through the Humble Bundle?

I don't know if the Devs are aware of this, but the Humble Bundle version is buggy as hell!

I had no end of issues, like this, and others.

Then I asked about whether there was a patch available, in the IRC channel, and got directed to http://www.mode7games.com/client/rc7standard.exe.

Now, at first, I just installed this over the top of the Humble Bundle version.

It helped in some regards, but got worse in others.

So then I noticed that rc7standard.exe was a bit big for just a patch, and figured it must be a complete installer.

So, I uninstalled, and ran rc7standard.exe, and was pleased to find it was a complete installer, and that doing this had fixed just about all the issues I was having.

(It still crashes occasionally, but it no longer does that wierd running through lots of turns and then dumping you in a totally different map, and the AI processes it's turn a lot quicker)

Oh, also, when you uninstall DON'T delete the install directory, and you'll keep your single player campaign progress (though, I think, if you created a 'profile' you have to make a backup of the save game files, reinstall, run FS, create a profile with same name, exit FS, and copy old save game files back, or something like that (I think there's a post about such things around here somewhere) - but if, like me, you just use the default campaign profile, you won't need to do anything, it will just allow you to resume from where you left off (though, personally, I deleted the install directory after it bugged out on me, 'cos I figured the save campaign files will be corrupted - so you may find it will still be corrupted))
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Re: jumped 10 turns ahead, then loaded wrong map area

Postby Beckett » Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:59 pm

When I encountered that bug, I was playing the Steam version of the game.

I'm played through several more missions in the campaign since then, and have so far not encountered that bug again.

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