Can't insert orders between waypoints

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Can't insert orders between waypoints

Post by jhawk » Fri Feb 03, 2012 7:30 am

I have a situation where I need a unit to run behind cover for a moment and then run back out the same way it came, but with an order along the way between two of the waypoints. So when I tried placing that order, it worked, but it was placed on the other path which is exactly on top of the one I want to place the order on. So I realized: this is the time to use a second plan layer, even though I try to stay away from that feature because it confuses me (no overview of how many layers there are, deleting layers is either not possible or at least not very clear; I haven't played around with it enough to tell).

But then I ran into a bug, which is: that you can't insert orders between waypoints if the two waypoints are the starting waypoint of a new layer and a second waypoint connected to it (on the same layer). First I thought the waypoints are too close together so it was just highlighting the waypoints if I moved my mouse near, but I moved the second waypoint out so there was plenty of space, and the little perpendicular line that usually appears when you move the cursor near a path just doesn't appear, and clicking there doesn't do anything.

I can work around this by not using a second layer, moving all the waypoints apart so I can place the order unambiguously on the path that I want, and then moving the waypoints back to where they were.

But please fix this!

P.S. Screenshots are attached to help clarify my meaning. They're self-explanatory, but just to be clear, the green little line on one of the paths in the third image is there by accident because I had the cursor then when I took the screenshot, it's not the path that I was talking about. It's the one between the upper-left waypoint and the bottom-left one that doesn't let me place orders on it.
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