Bug where outcomes don't show the true story

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Bug where outcomes don't show the true story

Post by p1r473 » Tue May 21, 2013 5:23 pm

I have encountered a game-breaking bug where outcomes aren't showing the true story. On game ID 709210, turn 3, this happened to me:

I shot a grenade very far and kill a machinegunner. The enemy now has one guy left. Turn 4, that dead machine gunner killed me. How? I rewatched turn 3, and my grenade only shot a few feet in front of me, and didn't hit anything

So the first time I was shown the outcome, the grenade flew very far as I had set it to, and it blew up the guy as I wanted it to. My outcome showed me he died. However, in turn 4, and a re-watch of turn 3, the grenade "misfired", bounced a few feet away and didn't hit anything

So the first outcome of turn 3 was inaccurate, and I always press play before I commit my turn, so that was innacurate

Basically, the behaviour of my turn 3's grenade launch somehow got changed somewhere down the line, it was supposed to travel far and kill a guy, which I saw happen in my outcome, but it misfired and didnt hit anything
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Re: Bug where outcomes don't show the true story

Post by Condoud » Tue Jul 16, 2013 1:26 pm

Game ID: 792643, Dark Secure
Similar bug, where my opponents rocketeer apparently shoots 5 turns in a row towards bottom right corner on identical trajectories. 3 rockets fly outside of field. Game begun yesterday and is still ongoing, turn 7 at the moment.

Yesterday tough trajectories were different and my opponent succesfuly destroyed key walls hampering my free use of battlefield. Today those walls have reappeared and my opponent has lost 2 of his own units to rockets. Game insists these units died on turn 2 which did not happen in outcome of turn 2.
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Re: Bug where outcomes don't show the true story

Post by Scorpion0x17 » Tue Jul 16, 2013 8:24 pm

This is a known issue.

My guess is it's a very hard bug to pin down because how do you know the data has changed after it has been changed?

(And therefor how do you even begin to start tracking down when, where, and how that data changed?)
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