Wacom tablet uncontrolled zooming issue

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Wacom tablet uncontrolled zooming issue

Post by telechara » Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:17 pm

I know this seems daft, but the best 'input' device I have used yet is my Wacom Intuos graphics tablet. Better than any mouse for accuracy and quick movements across the game display/controls, except for one very strange problem.

To use the tablet to move the 'mouse pointer' you hover the stylus over the actual tablet around a cm or so. The tablet detects the movements of stylus at this proximity without any physical contact. Tapping the stylus onto the tablet is the equivalent of left clicking. Here is where things get weird. Moving the stylus into close proximity of the tablet causes FS to zoom into the map, regardless whether I am moving the stylus TO or FROM the tablet. So like I said, the Wacom Intuos has the potential to be the best input/control for Frozen Synapse, especially for some of us graphics peeps it if wasn't for this uncontrollable zooming problem.

I have looked thru the Wacom config, and there is no way to change or disable the 'hovering' since that is a normal function of the device, so would there be any way to disable this input parameter from within FS config?

Please let me know.
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