Turns are modified on game 835075

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Turns are modified on game 835075

Post by tyzone » Wed Aug 07, 2013 7:40 am

I'd like to report something that happened while I was playing a game of Light Extermination like any other.

Turn 1 to 4 played out normally. On Turn 5, one of my units was killed by my opponent, leaving me with one machinegun against two of them.

The problem is that, when we both primed our sixth turn, my previous unit was still alive, and the one that killed it was dead. We checked Turn 5 again, only to see that his unit, instead of aiming in my direction, had completely turned around, and had nothing in its LoS other than the corner in which it was standing. This allowed my previously-dead unit to murder it successfully, thus taking one unit from him, and granting a second chance to mine.

So, yeah. I know that "undoing" a turn is probably impossible. I'm going to let my opponent win this round, because if it hadn't glitched out, that's probably what would have happened. But I just wanted to report this bug.

TL;DR : One of the units turned 180 degrees during Turn 5, making it die a stupid, although painful, death; but it only turned around when we primed Turn 6. Before that, it was aiming the right way.
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