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Updates this week

Post by Omroth » Sun Feb 22, 2015 1:01 pm

Hey guys - thanks for buying and playing Frozen Cortex.

We've got a couple of major issues that we're addressing right now. The most major is the OSX crash which a lot of you are seeing - we should have a patch for this by tomorrow evening. My apologies that this one got through. Those affected should crash much less/not at all on "low" graphics settings, but that's not really any kind of fix - just letting you know. We'll have this sorted out within 48 hours.

I've also seen a couple of single player crashes reported - we will release an update later this week (as early as tuesday if possible but I'll see how easy it is to replicate those reports) solving those issues.

After that there are a couple of more minor gameplay annoyances that have been reported - I'll try to get those addressed this week as well.

One that has been reported a couple of times is the AI illegally throwing over a high block. I'm almost certain this is how it looks in the Outcome but not what's actually happened - but I will be addressing all reports.

When reporting a bug please follow the instructions here:


Thanks again,
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