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Cortex Manager - Beta Feedback

Post by DogFace » Sun Apr 19, 2015 10:39 am


Here are some observations on my experiences using the 'staging2' beta, Cortex Manager, using 'the Manager' mode. Apologies that I've not provided any screen shots. I'll do this in any future reports.


1. After I'd completed 2 seasons, the game was stuck 'Not Responding'. The College Draft completed fine. The last message on screen is "The Scheduling Committee have finished creating..." at the point where the fixtures for season 3 were about to be announced. After restarting the game several times, it's still stuck.

2. Frequently during the 2 seasons that worked, just before the play-by-play match was about to start, the game hangs 'Not Responding'. After a restart, it then works fine. Note that this only seems to happen on the 'staging2' beta.

3. The College Bracket - This is a strange one. Periodically you're invited to see how your progress in the Bracket. It was working fine but at some point, near the end of the bracket I think, *all* the fields in the bracket were populated with the same 2 teams.

4. One of the Full Sim games got stuck in an endless loop where the players were moving a couple of yards and back...repeat repeat repeat.

5. At the end of Season 2, I finished 2nd. At this point I went into a play-off match vs the 3rd place team. I lost. And 1st lost to 4th. I then played a match against 1st - I assumed at this point we were determining the bronze medal position, between the 2 losing play-off teams. I lost that too and was awarded with a 3rd place finish in the League. This seemed a bit strange to me?!

6. In Free Agency, most teams don't seem to get anywhere near their Salary Cap ceiling and persist in using lower standard players. This might be because their bidding too low or whatever, but it strikes me as unusual.

7. I might be totally wrong on this one because I've not examined it, but the Full Sim games seem to be on random pitch designs, rather than the home team's actual pitch.

Ok that's it for now.

I just want to add my thanks for adding this additional single player content to the game which I think will improve it massively. On the flip side, I really do think that there's so much more that could be done. Maybe with patience, time and effort, you'll have Cortex Manager 2027 with a picture of Binster on the retail box humping Bob Jansky :shock: . It seems to have worked out ok for the Football Manager series ;) Onward!

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