Manager Mode Feedback and Suggestions

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Manager Mode Feedback and Suggestions

Post by Hulkasaurus » Sat May 09, 2015 11:26 am

HI Guys,

First of all, I LOVE this game!!

I'm probably one of the few who isn't really into MP, but the SP manager mode is great fun. I wouldn't want to see it turn into 'Football Manager with robots', but it would be nice to have a bit more padding to the manager mode, to keep me playing for season after season.

I don't know if the devs even plan on any further SP updates, but here's some things I would love to see:

- Recognition of Achievments
I've only done one season so far, but managed to win the League and then the playoff final.
I don't think the game even acknowledged, or congratulated me on winning the regular season and all I saw after I had 'won it all' was a small box in the corner from the assistant saying 'we finished 1st'.
I know it sounds insignificant, but after the thrill of winning I would love to see the game make a bigger deal of it, even just a bigger/flashier box, or some pics of generic celebrations would be cool.....something just to say 'Hey, you won! Your awesome!'. Maybe a trophy room screen added to the menu?

- Second tier league, with promotion/relegation.
I know the game is modelled on the American Football structure, but this would make every game meaningful. Perhaps even have the lower division set to 'easy' to help anyone who gets relegated get back to the top league, or to act as a training league to prepare you for the big boys in the top division.

- Knockout Cup added to the season.
Having a seperate cup competition run alongside the league would only add 3 games to your teams season schedule (assuming you make the final!), but would give you something else to aim for, should the league not go so well.....or as a consolation if you don't manage to win the playoff final.

Game is great as it is and I don't know whether the majority of players are bothered about an expanded SP manager mode, but the above would take the SP experiance to another level (for me at least)!

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Re: Manager Mode Feedback and Suggestions

Post by Omroth » Tue May 12, 2015 9:04 am

Hi Hulkasaurus,

Cheers for the feedback - much appreciated, and some good ideas.

I plan on coming back to Manager and adding some significant stuff to it, although I'm unsure quite when that will be at this time.

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