REQUEST - better optimization

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REQUEST - better optimization

Post by skyscraper » Mon Sep 14, 2015 7:49 pm

Hello, first of all, congratulations and thank You for great game! Right now I'm getting into it in single player and it is tough but very addictive! :)
So far I've found 2 nuances and I hope it is possible to implement workarounds / "fix them":

1. Is is possible to disable waiting time during computer (AI) movement/thinking/staging ? I must admit that it is quite boring, even annoying when I have to wait tens of seconds or even minute for computer to end his thinking and end turn. Is it delayed by design or is the algorythm of the game really calculating best movements of the turn? I have i5 (4x3GHz) so it should calculate very quickly ;]

2. graphics optimization - it would be great if You allowed much more graphics options to customize (disable/enable) to optimize gpu performance. Setting only enigmatic max/min details and resolution is too little imo :) personally I'd like to disable all fancy details, backgrounds, reflections, shaders, 3d, etc, only to receive several FPS more and get gamplay more smooth. I'm using Intel HD3000 on notebook and I think FrozenCortex should not be too demanding for such GPU and and CPU. If i can make Starcraft2 to run very smoothly, why oh why FrozenCortex should'nt offer such customization - it would be GREAT! :)

I hope You'll hear the voice of the people and maybe implement some additional optimizations :) if it's possible as an update for a released product. (btw i'm using HumbleStore Standalone version window/linux)

Best regards! :)
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Re: REQUEST - better optimization

Post by Paul_G » Sun Nov 08, 2015 1:16 am

I can't second this enough.

If the AI takes a long time to calculate moves, then fair enough - I understand that there's not much that can be done about that. But number 2 is a killer. It's really vexing to have to bin an otherwise outstanding game because of overzealous animations that aren't even on the field, and I know that's eventually what I'm going to do if there aren't any more updates.

I wrote in my Steam review (which was a 'recommend' overall) that Frozen Cortex has way more graphics than it needs. IMO a lot of the flair and even the 3D field just make things harder to see at the expense of a ton of system degradation.
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