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STATS Explained

Post by Omroth » Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:18 am

Hey guys.

We don't do a good job of explaining the stats in game, so here's a run down.

What the stats do

Speed that you move between waypoints.

Size of your blocking circle when you are stationary.

Size of your interception circle when you are stationary.

Size of your blocking circle when you are moving - smaller is better, as it means you can get through smaller gaps.

A speed boost or drain for a second or two after attaining the ball.

How long you stun players when you block them (combines with their resilience value).

How long you are stunned when you are blocked (combines with the blocker's strength value).

We'll be adding more stats in future updates.

Team Edit Screen

I'm aware that some of the systems here are a little unusual. We have a "base" player who costs zero "energy", and to improve one stat you must nerf another. The reason that the +/- buttons add strange amounts to the total stat is that going forward, especially in single player, we will have players with much more granular stat values - but for this MP mode I only want a few levels of each stat.

I saw someone ask why different stats cost different amounts. That's a simple balancing issue - high end speed is very valuable and costs more. We don't do a fantastic job of making this obvious on the screen yet. /me raises Beta flag.
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Re: STATS Explained

Post by SapientWolf » Thu Mar 20, 2014 5:23 am

Does the speed stat affect the animations in any way? i.e. would a player with a high speed stat throw faster or pick up the ball more quickly?
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Re: STATS Explained

Post by Liogal » Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:33 am

Speed that you move between waypoints.

Speed description sounds pretty clear to me, it only affects the run of robots and not the actions such as pass though I might be wrong.
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Re: STATS Explained

Post by Oinkersthepig » Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:11 pm

This may have been discussed elsewhere, but I think it would be a big step in the right direction to have passing stats added to the game. The main 2 would be distance and speed.

Distance could be easy to incorporate, or a little more in depth. 1) The higher the distance, the farther you can throw. A low distance rating could make you unable to throw past a certain distance, setting up strategic situations where you have to do short throws with certain guys and can have more opportunities with others. 2) Another idea would be to have everyone have the ability to throw the max distance, but have an indicator on the screen that shows a decrease in accuracy over time. Bots with a shorter distance ratings should still be able to throw fine in short situations, but when trying to throw farther down the field they should have a possibility of throwing too far, too short, left, right, all of that, with the chance of mistake raising the further you throw past your max distance (According to the rating)

Speed is even easier to understand. The higher your pass speed, the faster the ball is thrown. People with a high pass speed can fit the ball into tight holes in the defense better, but there can also be benefits to having somewhat with a lower speed rating. For instance, if you have a fast bot against a slow one on defense, a long, slow, pass might give him extra time to gain some distance and run right by his defender.

These 2 stats open up a world of new opportunities, and I think they almost NEED to be added. These stats, combined with other stats, can help make each game unique. Just think if you're doing a game, and you have a few players with quick throws and short distance, and one player with slow throws and long distance. The quick throw players can use short to intermediate throws to get the ball to the guy who can throw further, and you have a quick receiver on your team. Those guys doing the short plays to get to the guy who can throw long would really pay off, because that guy might be the only one on the team who can throw half the distance of the field and hit his quick receiver in stride.

I have a ton of ideas for this game, and I really hope some can be incorporated because just THINKING about them gets me extremely excited. I think a section should be added to the forum just for suggestions, since the game is pretty new. No insult to any of the devs, because I love the game how it currently is, and would be perfectly fine with this being the finished product, but the more ideas tossed around the merrier in my opinion. I also love that I found this game early, because I still feel like my opinions could make a difference in the final version of this game.
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Re: STATS Explained

Post by JRDeBo » Sun May 04, 2014 10:49 pm

If you could somehow have a visual representation of how much the circle changes when we change certain stats (like block and intercept) it would be useful when trying to adjust your stats. Unless the numbers are raw percentages so a +50 would mean a 50% bigger circle.
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Re: STATS Explained

Post by Rednettle » Fri Feb 20, 2015 12:22 am

What does 'release' do? How fast you throw the ball?
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Re: STATS Explained

Post by Jythier » Fri Feb 20, 2015 2:34 am

You got it! The more release you have, the quicker you release the ball.
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Re: STATS Explained

Post by totofissime » Mon Feb 23, 2015 1:20 am

Hi, do you know what is "thrsp" stat? Thank you
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Re: STATS Explained

Post by macguffinman » Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:34 am

totofissime wrote:Hi, do you know what is "thrsp" stat? Thank you
"Throw speed", which affects how fast the ball flies through the air when you throw it (I think, at least).
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Re: STATS Explained

Post by Sturmer » Fri May 15, 2015 4:13 pm

What does the stat ZIP do?
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Re: STATS Explained

Post by Wave9 » Wed May 27, 2015 11:13 pm

Sturmer wrote:What does the stat ZIP do?
I am not 100% sure, but I think it makes it harder to intercept the throw. So it actually reduces the interception radius of the defenders.
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Re: STATS Explained

Post by addlink » Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:45 am

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