Game still 'running' in Steam

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Game still 'running' in Steam

Post by listerinfiji » Sat Sep 03, 2016 2:02 am

Whenever I quit the game Steam says it is still running, and still shows me as in game on my friends list.

I found the following topic on Steam forums: ... 076999298/ (and added my own post).

In my case:

* Windows 10 Pro.
* FrozenEndzone.exe (mentioned in above post) is not running in my processes.
* Steam will not quit due to the game running.
* Force kill process on Steam.
* Restart Steam and it still shows game as running.
* Only solution is to restart entire PC.

Can anybody please suggest a fix?

Also another smaller problem but thought I'd ask: I have a gamepad plugged into my PC, but trying to play on keyboard/mouse. Unless I physically disconnect the gamepad (which I don't want to do - connection behind PC and pain to keep connecting/disconnecting for different games) the tutorial only tells me which buttons to use on the gamepad. Can I force the tutorial to give me the keyboard buttons instead?
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