Robot turn-start location glitched during testing phase?

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Robot turn-start location glitched during testing phase?

Post by clockworkpeanut » Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:40 am


A strange glitch occurred when i was playing last night, although I am now doubting myself (cause it was pretty bizarre) I'm pretty certain that this happened because I was playing with a friend by my side who was equally puzzled.
Essentially, some where in-between testing out the second turn one of our robots start positions (for that turn) shifted a fair distance. We had planned for the ball to be thrown to the stationary robot in question, but then suddenly, after one of our tests, the ball was being thrown to a seemingly empty space and the robot in question had shifted slightly down and about a 1/4 (of the pitch) to the right. This change remained the case for when we actually primed the move and the outcome played out.

So yeah, pretty bizarre, i really hope I am correctly relaying what happened as it was a sort "wait, what?" moment.

Anyway great game, I like how on the surface the moves are simpler than FS without the game being any less competitive or complex.

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