Bug - Ball inside wall, robot stuck & waypoints acting out

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Bug - Ball inside wall, robot stuck & waypoints acting out

Post by micromikko » Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:51 pm


I encountered a bug that might be a bit hard to replicate, since I'm not exactly sure what the components involved are. It progressed as follows:

First off, I was trying to pass the ball way down right next to a high wall (finding the spot closest to the block) and have another robot catch it. I fine tuned the destination of the throw and the catching robots waypoints repeatedly (in rapid succession, quite frequently spamming the play button).

The first issue was that the ball started landing inside the high wall, followed by the robot "catching" the ball even though it seemingly was inside said wall. After more fiddling with both the throw and the catch, the waypoints of the catching robot flipped out by running through the wall. After even more fiddling, instead of being drawn from the robot, the line to the first waypoint was detatched and seemed to consider the previously mentioned high wall as its origin. Also, the robot in question was hence forth unable to move (but its animation still showed it reacting by rotating to face the ball while it was in transit).

After all this I alt+tabbed to start my video recording software to take a short clip to post here, but unfortunately as I did that the game crashed. I'm sorry, but I did't realize to write down the match number in time.

Unrelatedly, I've also been experiencing crashes when being a bit overeager with the "play" while watching segments of the match after its completion.

I apoligize for this post, as it's probably not very organized due to my lack of sleep.
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