Question: unlocking League Variants

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Question: unlocking League Variants

Post by Omroth » Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:37 am

Hey guys,

Got an opinion-question for you. The "variants" of each of the three main SP types - that would be Superhard, Killer, Timed Turns, Duplicate etc - these are supposed to be unlocked by completing the main variant. They're obviously unlocked in the current beta. What do you guys think about that? Is it ok to have them as unlocks? Is it too hard to get to them etc?

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Re: Question: unlocking League Variants

Post by shatteredomega » Fri Jan 02, 2015 5:08 pm

This would probably make sense. At the moment it's a bit overwhelming, even if the top one is presented as being the normal option.
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Re: Question: unlocking League Variants

Post by Cheshyr » Fri Jan 02, 2015 6:51 pm

Pre-coffee brain dump, so grain of salt on this post.

I don't think I will ever beat the Normal or Easy single player campaigns. I've made quite a few attempts. The Killer mode is... easier?.. than Easy for me. It makes sense for SuperHard to be an unlock. Timed turns feels like more of a handicap for the player than the AI, so I guess it's an unlock as well.

If you're going to use Unlock style gameplay, maybe make it like a professional league progression. You start with Killer and Easy available, but instead name it something like Scrapyard league for Killer mode and... I wanted to say Minors, but that's baseball. Some equivalent to College-level football for Easy mode. Standard, Superhard, Timed... those are all unlocks. I haven't tried Duplicate yet, so I don't know where that falls in the difficulty curve, but matching teams feels kinda like a training league.

It feels like there's 3 low level leagues... a Scrapyard (killer) league, a Training (duplicate) league, and an Amateur (Easy) league. All 3 of these are available at the start. Beating one unlocks the Professional (standard) league. Beating the Professional League unlocks the MVP (SuperHard) league and the Exhibition (Timed) league.

Or something like that.

It'd be nice if your winning team from any of the three suggested beginning tiers can import into the standard league. You can only have one team saved to the standard league import, but if you ever beat one of the starting tiers, you have the option to re-import the new team and overwrite the old team. Would probably need a 'compare teams' screen though. Standard league wins then allow the export of a championship team that could be use for MVP and Exhibition league play.
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Re: Question: unlocking League Variants

Post by BMT » Tue Jan 06, 2015 9:09 am

Better to unlock as you go. As long as the early stages are winnable at some point!
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