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Post by Ankon » Sat Jan 24, 2015 1:36 am

For the moment only a few minor text related things:
-If commentarists/opponents speak a lot during matches ( 4 or more textboxes), I don´t always have time to read all they say (English isn´t my first language). The textboxes disappear before I can read them all , specially at the end of matches, where the "you have won/lost the match" covers the text at low resolutions and 4:3 aspect ratios and by the time you close the results window the commentaries disappear. As you can click them to go when you have finished reading them, perhaps leaving them on screen a second or two more would be enough.

-I noticed that in the menus you can hold left click over text and "select it". Image:

-Sometimes you get various messages pre-match from your opponent, they seem to be ordered from bottom to top instead of the other way round. For example in the top message they tell you something, and in the bottom one they introduce themselves, the order of the rest of the messages is ok.
-I think I read this before in someones feedback, but one of the opponents refers to you as $humanplayer.

Will the news flash be expanded?, maybe I´m spoiled by Synapse but I sometimes click over the news boxes to "read more" :D
I´m really liking how the game is progressing, nice work!.
Anything else I find I´ll post in this thread.
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