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Post by M1N1M3 » Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:53 pm

Opening a new feedback thread, since my last one closed off nicely.

After updating to the latest version on steam today (2015-01-26), at around 19:00, I started a new standard knockout campaign. I came across the following:
  • After the first game I noticed that there were only 3 games shown in the 'results' window. A game between Heavy Perspective and The Colonists was missing. It didn't seem right, so I played the second game and those same two teams are missing from the results window. It's like they're just not involved in the league at all. After two weeks, the league standings shows them both at Won-0 Lost-0. I'll try to investigate the GCL game mode at some point tomorrow to see if it's just knockout mode.
  • The Menu Bar is no longer showing up in the top right while in Coach OS. (I'm using 1920x1080 borderless fullscreen if that helps). I've had to start the next league game and go to the Main Menu from there. Hopefully this forced the save.
  • The intro video is showing after every game.
I've attached my saves.zip file.

Other Feedback
Not sure if it's too late for feature requests, or even if any of these things are in the works, but there are a couple of things I think might be missing:
- League Schedule
A way to see who's playing who in the coming weeks and view results for all the previous weeks.
- League Statistics
Touchdowns scored, passing yards, running yards, passes made, catches made, tackles, blocks, interceptions, etc. I feel like this would add a little more depth to the league modes.

Things I'm liking so far:
- AI is very challenging (this is a good thing).
- Borderless fullscreen (all games should do this).
- New team customisation options.
- League customisation opens (literally everything is there).
- Staging beta is being updated more frequently. Please keep this up as it's nice to see how the game is coming along. I'd much prefer to see small updates every couple of weeks, than large ones every couple of months.

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