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Re: Frozen Synapse League

Post by Moonpie » Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:24 am

I'd love to join, but I cannot view the site.

Help! :)

Krusty wrote:Hi all,

I'll be starting a player league for Frozen Synapse soon and i wanted some feedback on what people would like when it comes to playing matches.

1. Should there be a time limit for how long a player takes to perform a turn, and if so how much time should it be?

2. How many soldiers should there be per side?

3. What weapon load out should be used?

4. Do you prefer random maps or pre-made maps?

5. Do you prefer a league style setup where player challenge each other to matches or a tournament tree where players are matched randomly or both?

6. Do you see room for different kinds of competition such as all RPG's, small maps, variable troop amounts and other parameters that are not regular conditions?

7. Should all players be required to submit the game into youtube?

Of course, if you have anything else to say about how a 'professional' league should be setup that I've missed then feel free to post it up.

EDIT 1: The website is now up.

EDIT 2: The league polls have been created on the league website. Go there to cast your vote on how the league should be run.
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Re: Frozen Synapse League

Post by Scorpion0x17 » Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:38 am

The site seems to be non-existent.
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