[Request] Better Replay Options

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[Request] Better Replay Options

Post by Galahir950 » Fri Jun 26, 2015 2:40 am

I was going to do a youtube series that followed my team through Manager Mode, but I have run into a few slight issues.

1.) I am unable to upload to youtube, I have to manually upload. It brings me to the point where I have to paste a certain code into Frozen Cortex, but I can not find anywhere to paste it. I have to upload the videos manually.

2.) The replays do not really work in unless you watched the game actually being played. Can you add an option for "Broadcast" replays that have:
a.) A scoreboard at the top with the Match Time, Score, and Logos
b.) A short fade in and out when the teams switch that shows the current score and match time, currently it is very sudden and jarring
c.) A 10 second game end screen, like the one you see once the final turn is finished, that shows things like the final score, maybe the "MVP", and the teams location in the ranking
d.) The music fades out at the end instead of stopping abruptly.
e.) The option to hear the actual SFX from them running and doing other things with the music low or turned off in the background.

3.) Can you add a "history" for Singleplayer and Manager Mode games so we can review them at a later notice like we can multiplayer games?

4.) This is not related, but it is not big enough to merit creating a new topic, a visual team customization screen that shows you what each part looks like on your team.

P.S. What is Mode7's Youtube policy? Has the Soundtrack changed significantly since launch, when I go to the link I was given in the original email receipt, it says "Frozen Endzone OST mp3.zip (Not Available)"?
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