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Re: Wishlist thread

Post by Hemingway » Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:53 pm

Ability to jump over obstacles. While going over, which probably should take 3–4 seconds, the unit's reaction time could be limited or none.
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Re: Wishlist thread

Post by Goateh » Sun Jun 27, 2010 12:09 pm

Well, I'm not sure whether to put these in the wishlist or essential features. Most are borderline for me since they wouldn't break the game as such, but they certainly could make it. Some of these are repeats of requests by other people, but good things are worth saying twice! It's a long list of things since you asked for as much feedback as possible.

Stats, stats and more stats. Every game is run through a central server system so stats certainly should be trackable for players. I'd like to be able to see all kinds of stats for a given player, such as number of games played, types of game played, games won, games lost, opponents played, ratios vs specific opponents, ratios on specific game types, possibly even more trivial stats like favoured units (based on number of kills with each unit?).

Additionally, an idea of how long they take for a turn and how often they're online. Thet might not be something you'd want to display freely for everyone, so instead either a vague idea (1min - 2 hours, 2 hours - 24 hours, 24 hours - 7 days, etc) or a setting on the user profile where people can display how often they're typically on and how regularly they play.

Offline matchmaking. This ties into two different approaches to a game like this where you either:
A) Log on, play x games completely and log off
B) Log on, start a huge batch of games, play a turn in each game each time you log on and take a long time per individual game.

I fall more into the latter, but there are times when I want the former. I'd rather see the traffic light system find matches for the former and a separate matchmaking system for the latter, where you set up how many games you want to have running (using the same selections as now) and the game will match up with other people using that second system. Yes, it's two matchmaking systems, but the two approaches don't fit together and inevitably the former end up frustrated noone is finishing games and the latter end up frustrated they can't get games against a large variety of people for the short times they do log on.

Yes, the current regular players thread does similar, but if all I want to do is have a set of turns waiting for me when I log on then I'd rather be able to set that all up the night before and just go when I log in. I've seen mention that a goal of this game is that it fits into these short time frames (which it does fantastically) but a little too much time can be spent waiting to get up to the required number of games if you're in the second camp.

I know that could potentially cut down on the total people in the instant matchmaking, but if you're after a game now and you get matched with someone who's only going to play one turn today then you haven't found a particularly useful match to begin with.

A window with detailed information of the currently selected unit. The combat interface right now looks great and in most cases it all just works. However, when you want to issue a series of orders in a small area it becomes very cluttered and hard to see exactly what state (standing, crouching, aiming, ignoring something) the unit is in at any moment within that series.

The detailed window could be an optional popup window, much like the current help/chat windows but it could tell you:
The current status (icons would probably be compact and fit with the current interface more)
A list of the current orders on a timeline
A list of the current modifiers to a combat that the unit is involved in (I have cover, they saw me first, etc)
A place for the more advanced orders to fit on the interface without overcrowding the default right click menu, e.g. ignore Zone, focus enemy.
A way to view full line of sight for the current unit. I know there's the current system of drawing a line from the unit to any point on the map but sometimes I just want to view the entire line of sight of an enemy unit at the window while planning my moves. If those areas stayed as shaded areas on the map I could plan around it instead of trying something then using trial and error/drawing a line repeatedly to test if it will work.

The detailed info would be there for those who are making intricate plans, but for people who are either just starting or don't want to get bogged down in managing their units so closely you keep the current clean combat interface.

The current wait/timeline system is a little counter-intuitive when it comes to rockets and grenades. If I order the unit to fire, wait 2 seconds then move it will take a second to fire, wait 2 seconds then move. It's effectively just another order on the stack, while the draggable timeline suggests placing orders based on real time passed. I'd rather have a separate wait order I can add and a timeline that will be true to real time (e.g. if I place an order 3 seconds down it will happen in 3 seconds or when the action being carried out at 3 seconds completes, as opposed to the 3 second count potentially beginning after other actions on the order stack). The two may functionally be the same but they cater differently to people who just want to wait 2 seconds to coordinate stepping around a corner and those who want to do fancy commands with standing, crouching and looking around a wide area in one position.

Right now when you make a move in a game where the opponent has already made their corresponding move you get a dialogue box saying as much, asking if you'd like to see the result. However, if I make my move first and the opponent makes their move I get the standard "a new turn is available in game xxx" dialogue. It makes no mention of the fact that the turn is in the current game. I'd rather see the first dialogue be repeated for the second case; right now the experience of playing one game straight through is a little disjointed, especially if you have other games on the go with new turns appearing.

A mentoring system. A few other online games have a system in places where people can volunteer to mentor new people and new people can opt in saying they want help. In practice this wouldn't have to be much more than something that opened a chat window between two people (maybe with a button to open the create game dialog against that person for the mentor) so that they could talk and play the game type that the new player wants. This would obviously need a cross-game chat system that isn't in there right now though. People are more likely to stay around if there's a good community and a good first experience for people who are overwhelmed would go a long way to that. Right now it's very impersonal and you have to fumble your way through getting beaten by people who know it all. The lack of cross-game chat and people playing many games at once means even talking to your opponent isn't a given.
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Re: Wishlist thread

Post by Magicide » Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:21 am

I'm hoping for some more weapons or specific unit attributes that go further than weapons.

For example, shotgunners running faster than other units, snipers being able to vaguely detect enemies in close proximity, rocket launchers being able to be hit twice before dying. Something like that.

But more than anything else, a riot shield would be awesome and would add a new layer of tactics. I love the idea of slowly advancing on a unit with a guy with a shield to distract while i flank with a shotgunner.
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Re: Wishlist thread

Post by Nogl » Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:33 pm


First of all : Thank you for this great game !
Second : I'm French, so I'm sorry for that ;) and for my use of english language.
Third : If this idea has already been posted, I may invite you to burn this post and maybe have a little dance around it, guitar and song included.

My idea's purpose is to avoid the fact that people who doesn't move has a really great advantage against one who's moving. And it may be a solution when the difference between two warriors is thin, so we don't really understand what makes one or another win.
The idea is the possibility to reduce the size of the aiming-cone (view-cone ?) in order to give a little advantage to the guy who has the littlest. It would increase the dimension of strategy of the game.

I understand that size doesn't matter, but sometimes, it make people get some confidence ;)

Hoping that I'll be understandable and a little convincing.

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Re: Wishlist thread

Post by PoLLeNSKi » Tue Jun 29, 2010 4:48 am

'k some of these have been said before but here's some (alot of now!!) ideas i came up with:

*Some set 'symmetrical' maps for tourney play so there is no set-up advantage rather than random distribution which IS awesome but can cause it to be a case of minimising losses in the first turn because your wesley snipers spawned between an mg and sg and is useless from the get-go....or most of your squad is next to a wall which a rocket can hit before they can move out of range. (Saw someone suggest being able to switch ur soldiers about in turn 0, seems like a good1 to me!)
*Rather than stay 'green' how about different colours/shades/patterns for different status (Engage/Aim/Cont-on-sight) Polka-dot aiming would be sweet and you could mirror this along the waypoints and lines
*Ability to fire 'sinking' rockets from stood up at low cover (I can see how this may well alter the gameplay mechanics and will probably cause difficulty with intervening low cover so could be a duff idea)
*Some way to make the shotgun only stop to fire when he'll actually make the shot rather than stop...oh he's outta range, chase.....stop...oh he's outta range, chase.....stop...oh he's outta range, chase.....stop...etc. Surely a soldier's got the sense to take that extra step before trying to fire. A sniper shouldn't be able to run away from a shotty although it's nice when you know they can ;)
*Someone who is crouching is a smaller target than someone who is standing. PLEASE reflect this, I also think it makes crouching more of a tactic as I try to avoid using it unless hiding atm because of the penalty involved. (I mighta read that it provides an accuracy bonus - is that true?)
*Likewise someone half obscured by a doorway/wall is harder to hit than someone in open cover surely
*A game mode where reinforcements arrive from one edge of the screen, maybe on a charge-style map
*If that's possible then why not CTF with respawning soldiers or a game-type where you have to gradually take control of the map. I've been playing too much quakelive.
*Blind/fog-of war style game where you only see the terrain your soldiers can see and have no idea of the opposition positions/make-up at the start
*2+ vs 2+ multiplayer I thought of as well but it might not work because they could be sat next to each other (and so beat the hell out of a team who can't show each other what they're planning) would be nice for a fixed location tourney though where the team-mates are definitely unable to see each others plans (or as mentioned above if the team-mates waypoints are on your screen...but you'd need a 'pre-prime' stage so you could both send your initial plans and look at the others ideas...SLOOOOOOW
*BIG battles, LSN style, 10-15 soldiers/team and a week of your life per turn
*Proximity reactions. If two soldiers on your team are almost next to each other and one gets shot at from behind could the other not have a quick glance to see as well? Rather than one gets shot-at, turns around and dies.....the other gets shot at, turns around and dies. Even if a stray bullet hits the scenery right next to the second he doesn't flinch. Dead-icated professional soldiers I spose. (This could tie in with the footsteps/sound related comments above)
*Free LSN subscription (and a mac port!!!)? A lot of the ideas mentioned will slow the game down a lot AND were done previously in LSN (unit purchasing, fog of war, unbreakable walls, etc)....or are you sneakily gonna remake that without the grid-based gameplay?
*On that note: Different races with diff abilities, tho this might not work without health bars

+1 ideas from earlier imo:
Soldier chat comments 'Surprise' lol
Window jumping
Some kind of 'actual' fov (like in the game 'Commandos' for example) would be an improvement on the single 'v' line style
Big meta-maps split into small battles (kinda like in Team Fortress' dustbowl map(s)? something like this could work well with the 2+vs 2+ multiplayer as different players could be at different points on the 'frontline' and finish their battles without waiting on the others)
Hostage and charge modes as 2 games of attack and defend
Matchmaking customisation (no of units, map size etc)...as an option tho random IS good
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Re: Wishlist thread

Post by Magicide » Tue Jun 29, 2010 9:40 pm

Combat roll.
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Re: Wishlist thread

Post by PoLLeNSKi » Tue Jun 29, 2010 10:37 pm

Further thought on the 2+ vs 2+ multiplayer on a big map of maps: If one match finishes in a sooner turn then the remaining units could reinforce in another battle...or be pre-placed in defensive/offensive positions on the next map
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Re: Wishlist thread

Post by Spooner » Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:52 pm

Offer a toggle for 3D/2D display (e.g control-T): There is already a way to show the map features in 2D within the editor, when you are placing/moving walls, so all you need is to change the player figures into coloured dots. Everything else can be left as it is, I think. This would help you see the lines of sight much more clearly by eye, without having to drag sighting lines (though dragging lines would still be useful to prove if things were actually where your eye told you they were). This could also be helpful for people on hyper-low end machines or who would just prefer to play in clean 2D.
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Re: Wishlist thread

Post by chrisrimple » Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:14 am

The game's looking really good. Before offering my suggestions, a few caveats...

I've played RoboSport since it was released, and continue to love it for its simplicity and replayability. I rarely play solo and never with strangers; my games are with friends, real-time, either at LAN parties or Internet with voice chat, so we can "trash talk" during the game. Over the years, I've tried a number of similar turn-based tactics games like X-COM, Fallout Tactics, etc. and they all failed to live up to the beauty that is RoboSport. Most often, the failure is in only allowing 2-player multiplayer (1v1), when I want 4-player or more. I could have loved Laser Squad Nemesis, but never played it for that reason.

I've also never played Frozen Synapse, so my suggestions are based on what I've seen in YouTube videos and read in the forums. Regardless, I'll share them in the hope that they may be addressed, and turn my friends and I into loyal customers. :) In order of importance:

1. 4-player (or more) multiplayer support with free-for-all and team v. team modes
2. Game option: unit damage system (units can take more than one hit before death, so games last more than 4 turns; doesn't have to be complex and RoboSport does this well)
3. Game option: for each team, set number of units and characteristics of each unit, with a list of prefabricated combinations (speeds game setup, allows handicapping by giving novice players 8 units to a master's 4, all-rockets team, etc.)
4. Game option: disable "test" feature (speeds gameplay because players can't cycle through all possible enemy moves while formulating their own plans)
5. Game option: set turn length (1-60 seconds? 5-10 is good in RoboSport)
6. Simple UI for displaying/editing unit commands (RoboSport's is excellent, using the "elapsed time" model with ability to edit anywhere in the "stream")
7. Symmetrical maps with limited starting areas for each team (ensures "equality" before play starts)
8. Maps of various sizes (bigger = longer games)
9. Game option: set command entry time limit (1 minute - 1 week?)
10. To encourage communication, add an IRC window to the UI and a game option for all players to auto-join a new channel (named after the game); for team v. team play, make it a tabbed IRC window with a main channel and a team channel. Or stay out of the IRC client business and push instructions to all players at game start with clickable links to a browser-based IRC client

I'm sure that if I and my friends purchase Frozen Synapse during beta, there's a greater likelihood of my requests eventually making it into the game. :) But I'd love to see a response on where they might fit in the product roadmap, because I'd be willing to donate more than the purchase price for a game that could replace my beloved RoboSport. I'm guessing that there are others who feel strongly about some of the suggestions in this thread, perhaps even some of mine, and would also donate. Maybe it's time for an Open Source-like voting system, with donors getting additional votes ($1 = 10 votes or similar)?
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Re: Wishlist thread

Post by Ace_Rimmer » Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:40 pm

189 posts are a lot to read through, so I didn't, therefore ignore this if it has been suggested already:

Minimize to tray: Why oh why does anybody make a window-mode-anything and not build this feature in. I may not want my boss walking by and seeing "Frozen Synapse" listed as an open window, even though they don't see the game itself. Or, accidentally clicking/alt-tabbing onto the wrong window at the wrong time. You know you play it at work too.
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Re: Wishlist thread

Post by lemmy101 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:22 pm

Pasted from my other thread where I was gushing :D May be some repetition of other people's wishes but just call em +1s if so :D:

1) On the deathmatch mode (can't remember its name now :S), a way for both players to deploy their soldiers based on a points system would be great. e.g. picking three machine gunners, a sniper and a rocket guy, or picking 4 machine gunners, two shotgunners, and placing them in designated areas on each half of the map.

2) A way of creating bigger random maps?

3) Being able to save the options chosen in the advanced game set up, so I can in future just click to create a game and it abide by all those options. Problem is we were selecting 'visibility on sight only' aka dark, but since I was creating the game I could see the location of my opponents soldiers at game start while clicking the create map button. I tried to avert my eyes but couldn't help being unconciously aware of their locations. Main reason I did advanced games was to increase the default turn count from 5 which seemed remarkably low tbh.

4) A way of automatically accepting your opponents move if you're in the game, instead of clicking Ok on the dialog box.

Once again just want to congratulate y'all on making one of the best squad based tactics games I've ever played.
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Re: Wishlist thread

Post by rats_ » Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:08 pm

Pistols. Pistols and melee weapons.

Edit: Also, I wish it was possible to change the color scheme of the entire game. I'd love to see the game in red.
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Re: Wishlist thread

Post by Muzzleflash » Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:37 pm

- Chat for each game and not a global one for all games. Can become a bit confusing if you chat to A during game P then switch to game Q and chat with B and so on. Ability to chat even though opponent is elsewhere.
- Do something else than the global aimcounter method.
- Quit button instead of the exiting using the "close" button on the main window.
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Re: Wishlist thread

Post by Ace_Rimmer » Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:58 pm

If this has been mentioned before, forgive me...

Being able to sort the Game Library and/or being able to have a user-defined view. That is, if I want to see all my active games I must scroll through the entire list. Couldn't I have an option to sort by things like "Active", "Wins", "vs. Top 10/50 (in global rankings)", etc?

At least, I'm not aware of having any such ability at the moment.

This kind of function would make the Frozen Synapse experience much better, especially since "My Active Games" removes old active games. Of course, you'd need some way to filter out/remove games that will never ever finish for various reasons.
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Re: Wishlist thread

Post by Goateh » Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:58 pm

An option to make the rocket launcher fire order show the real path much like the grenade does now instead of just the overall direction of the order, i.e. if it's going to hit a wall clip a line at the wall to show what it hits. Would save some trial and error on tight shots.
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