Mini Tournament (hosted by the FCN)

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Mini Tournament (hosted by the FCN)

Post by Steffan » Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:15 am

Hello All,

This is from a post I made on the steam group; obviously I would like to open it up for everyone to see and get involved.

As we wait for the multiplayer leagues to become functional; I propose we have a mini tournament to keep us going, and for fun.

We are nearing 8 members, which would be the ideal number for the simple format I am looking to use. All players would play 3 matches. The initial ranking will be based on the world ranking in game and by the end of the tournament we will have a new ranking for each player; which we could then use in subsequent tournaments. I will post an image which better represents the tournament format I'll use.

I have experience of hosting these types of events before and have found it better to try any complete it over the course of a night or a weekend. I have a team speak server at my disposal which we can use to communicate during the night.

If you interested comment below and state whether you are available this weekend.

I hope to host these every now and then and gather momentum for the multiplayer leagues.


Here is a link to the steam group
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