Custom Game starts with no players present

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Custom Game starts with no players present

Post by Palestrina » Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:40 am

Hi there,

just bought Frozen Cortex and I can just say, it's been a really awesome game so far that I certainly will be playing for quite a while.

There seems to be a bug with my custom game that uses the files for rules, field and teams as uploaded. When I use these rules and start the game, there are no players on the field. I cannot seem to figure out the problem.

UPDATE: I have tried incrementally doing the changes to a plain vanilla game and all the set options work fine until the moment where I (as the last step) try to use my custom playing field, so the error obviously lies there. Either there is some bug in applying the field or the field editor is missing some kind of validation.
SECOND UPDATE: This problem also happens with a plain vanilla custom playing field (using the editor default without changing anything).

The game mode, field and teams used
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